Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pearson's Guide to Objective Physics for IIT-JEE

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The main SPECIALTY of this book is that it is in only one link and only one file.(pdf)

to download it just click the image of it.

The password is-  7

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  1. This Book Has Been Delete whyyyyyy ???

  2. this book is incomplete... try uploading a full version

  3. its bcz it is downloaded frm google books using goole book downloader..!!!!

  4. hello bro!
    Only 175 pages are in it.
    Please upload full . . . . . book.

  5. i saw that i have to click the image of the book in order to download it.i got the password also. but i am getting only a blank page.please help me.

  6. The book has less than 10% of the pages in it. So stop saying "The main SPECIALTY of this book is that it is in only one link and only one file.(pdf)" Because its not true.

  7. Each page of this book has a footer which CLEARLY states that it is copyrighted material. Please remove all links to avoid legal action.

    Pearson Education (India) Private Limited

  8. it cant be downloaded!!!!!!!!!!!^:-(